Blogs and Articles

Here are the links for my recent blog tour:

I learnt a lot about memory writing The Truth About Lies and have an article on memory techniques called Picture the Memory in Teen Breathe, Issue 6. I have also written Memory Games in TEEN Breathe, Issue 11 and Remember, Remember on mnemonics in TEEN Breathe, Issue 12

I have an article on the joy of reading and reading challenges called Novel Pastime in TEEN Breathe, Issue 10

I'm passionate about getting young people writing and have an article with tips and prompts called Write On in Teen Breathe, Issue 6 

I write book reviews (from picture books, middle grade to YA) for My Book Corner. Please click on the link to find out more.

Each month a new blog about writing is published on the website, An Awfully Big Blog Adventure - published on the 17th.